Dear All (U8’s-U12’s),

Plans are now in the place for the first inter-club tournament on Sunday 26th November.

Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered to help on the day, and particularly those who have been involved in the planning, so far!

We really want this to be a fun and memorable day for all the right reasons, which means that there are a few details we would very much appreciate you being aware of.


Please arrive by 12.30pm so that your child/children can get warmed up.

One pitch will be allocated to the U12s and the other to the U10 + U8s to warm up and play on. This is for safety reasons. PLEASE check before your children run onto the pitches.

The matches will start at 1pm and finishing at 3.30pm. At the end there will be a presentation, when the children in the winning ‘house’ will be presented with the winners’ cup and medals.


Due to building works at Dean Close School, parking will be restricted to only around the pitch.  Alternative parking can be found: along Shelburne Road; at the sports hall; on Hatherley Road.


If you have been to Dean Close, you will know that there has been significant investment in a fantastic new astro. Needless to say, the school is really keen to keep it at its best. Please can you try and ensure that your children avoid walking in mud (particularly around the perimeter of the pitch) and that any parents or helpers are wearing appropriate footwear, if they are on the pitch (trainers or astros please).

It goes without saying, but I will, please please pick-up all litter. If the bins are full we will have plenty of bin bags; and of course no eating on the astro please.


To help towards the cost of the tournament match fees are £5.00 per child. We hope to try and collect as many of the fees on Friday night at training, to avoid congestion when you arrive on Sunday.  If you are coming to training you can pay the following, otherwise we will have ‘guys on the gate’ at Dean Close to take your subs when you arrive.

At Balcarras

  • Rachel Chicken  – 5pm U8s
  • Sharon Peacey – 5.30pm U10 Girls
  • Phil Henderson – 6.30pm U10 Boys
  • James Luxton – 7.30pm U12 Girls

At Cheltenham College 

  • Suzanne Swan – 6.00pm U12 Boys


Your child/children will be allocated to a house colour and name;

  • Gryphon = Red
  • Dita  = Blue
  • Grays=  Green
  • Voodoo = Black

We will circulate the names of each child in each house on Thursday, along with a match schedule.  When you receive confirmation of the house your child is in, please can you try and ensure that they wear a t-shirt or top (of some sort) in their house colours.

We do have some bibs in house colours should you not have an appropriate top, but not enough to go around; your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Please ensure children have mouth guards and shin guards. They will not be able to play without them.

 Food and Drink

– The ‘coffee van’ will be at the back of the pitch serving hot drinks.

– We will have a cake stand (please, please, please make, buy, or bring cakes!!). You can never have too many! There will be lots of hungry children and adults.?  we will not be charging for cakes but a donation to ‘Children in Need’ can be made in “the bucket” at the cake stand.

– A soft drinks stand will also be set-up for the children (and thirsty adults!).


The club always struggles with finding umpires, sometimes matches have to be cancelled because an umpire cannot be found. Should you have some hockey knowledge and would like to have a go at being an umpire for one game during the tournament, please let your manager know. It is a great way to become more involved with the children and their hockey and we promise ‘encouragement only’ from the supporting parents and children!! (We are going to hold umpire ‘in-house’ training later in the season.)

 The Final Word – Keeping your children safe!

This is going to be a really busy afternoon with lots of children! The managers are there to coordinate the matches. The ultimate responsibility for your child, however, remains the parents’ responsibility. If you are unable to attend with your child for the duration of the afternoon, please coordinate with another parent to safeguard your child under their responsibility.

Please also ensure that your child’s team manager has contact details for you should they need to contact you during the afternoon. We hope however that as many of you as possible will stay for the afternoon to help make this event a success and also to cheer on your child’s house. Let’s also hope the rain stays off!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your manager who should be able to help, or refer back to me.

Liz Waltham

Fixtures Secretary.