Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Cheltenham Junior Hockey Association welcomes girls and boys ages 7-13 (on 1 September, at start of season) to join. School year is not taken into consideration for CJHC teams.

Age on 1st September CJHC Age Group CJHC Teams
7 U8 U8 mixed
8 U9 U9/U10 – Boys and Girls
9 U10 U9/U10 – Boys and Girls
10 U11 U11/U12 – Boys and Girls
11 U12 U11/U12 – Boys and Girls
12 U13 U13/U14 – Boys and Girls
13 U14 U13/U14 – Boys and Girls
14+ Players are encouraged to join CHC Academy

Code of Conduct

As a condition of membership, a parent/guardian is asked to review the Code of Conduct with the player.

Click Here for the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.

Membership Fee and Sub

Cheltenham Junior Hockey Association annual membership fee (a.k.a. “subs”) covers players receiving weekly coaching from qualified coaches September thru March as well as pitch hire for training and some matches.   Players who are selected to play in matches are asked to pay a small amount at match time called “match fees”.  This fee goes towards paying the umpire and part of the pitch hire.

Team Selections

As a general guide, team managers ask for player availability for matches up to 2 weeks in advance. It is important to keep the team manager up-to-date on your availability to play. Once the team manager has a view on available players, teams are selected the week of the match. Emails will go out to communicate team selection and meet times. To improve your chances of being selected: turn up to practice, let the team manager know your availability. The more you are available the more opportunity you will have to be selected.

Cheltenham Junior Hockey Club puts teams into various level of competition leagues. The Festivals for the younger members (U8-U12) are to encourage them to “have a go” at match play and should be viewed as friendlies. The Avon League (U13/U14) is viewed as more competitive. England Hockey Club Cups (U10, U12) and England National Championships (U14) as the most competitive match series.
Please contact the team manager if you feel that your are not getting selected with the frequency you had hoped. Please remember that all the team managers are volunteers (usually parents), who give many hours in support of your children.