Cheltenham hockey club boys and girls made a most professional impact as ball boys and girls, on the National Hockey Championships at the Lee Valley Stadium at the London Olympic site.

The performance of the ball boys and girls is critical in ensuring the finals run smoothly and they did a super job.

Cheltenham also had a hand in the winners of the men’s National Championship, through former Cheltenham star Ben Marsden as Wimbledon Hockey Club beat Reading in the final to win it for the second year running.

Ben, who did his schooling in Cheltenham is a product of the Cheltenham Junior and Senior Hockey Clubs.

Having won some 80 England and Great Britain hockey caps and represented Great Britain at the Beijing Olympics, he has subsequently become England Hockey Club Coach of the Year and for the last seven years has been Chief Coach and Director of Hockey at Wimbledon Hockey Club.

He has seen the Wimbledon club rise from relative low levels to become the second biggest hockey club in Britain.

His parents still live in Charlton Kings and his father Peter Marsden, is still a Vice President of the Cheltenham Club and a trustee of the Junior Club.