What a weekend of hockey – there were high and lows…well, only highs from the Ladies teams who gave us a full set of wins. There was also a full house of home wins. This gives us a really promising starting set of results for the club. Well done to everyone!

Overall there were: 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. No doubt the coaches will have plenty to talk about at training this week, so check the training times and get along to those.

M1Cardiff Uni2-2 Draw
L1Oxford Uni3-1 Win
M2West Wilts5-0 Win
L2BAC7-1 Win
M3Whitchurch 3s2-1 Loss
L3Badgers4-2 Win
M4Bishops Cleeve7-1 Loss

Looking forward to next weekend, and we’ve got M1s first home game of the season against Exeter University 2s. It is Sunday 12:30pb at Cheltenham College. With the game on a Sunday, it will not clash with any other games (including the rugby world cup). No excuses for not coming to support! So we should be able to put out a big crowd.

We have been Herring a lot about the M1s game last weekend. The M1s drew 2-2 against Cod-diff University away. Salmon scoring both goals – Fintastic work! Their oppo-fish-ion this weekend, Exeter, lost 4-0 to Old Cranleighans last week, so a great op-perch-tuna-ty to get a good result.

Fun Fact: Salmon can be 3 different colours over the course of their lives.

On the Saturday, the home fixtures are M4, M3 and L2 in that order at Balcarras – hopefully extending the clubs home winning streak. Come down to Balcarras and show your support! #wewillfightthemonthebeach. #wewillfightthemontheastroturf #wewillfightthemontheleaderboard

M4 are hoping to bounce back from their defeat last week. The team gave a solid performance – however a lack of a keeper, changes to the kicking back rules and a disallowed goal disallowed meant the scoreline didn’t represent the match. This week they play at 11am against Stroud 3s – a team that got relegated last year from Marches 1 with just 4 points to their name, and not a single point away from home.

M3 play afterwards (12:30pm pb) against Bristol & West 3s. Someone should write a TV show on the “De Cymru & The Marches 2 2018/19 Season” as it has more in common with a soap opera than a hockey league. Like Whitchurch 3s last week, B&W 3s beat their own 2s comprehensively on the last day of the season, leaving their two sides within one point of each other, with CHC in the middle.

Final home game of the day is the L2s on at 2pm against Chippenham. Last year, despite massively outperforming Chippenham in the league, the ladies struggled to get points against them with just the one point from a draw at home. Last weekend the L2 completely smashed their opening game with a 7 – 1 win! Hoping they can maintain their momentum for their game this weekend.

Away from home and both L1s and M2s will be completing the M5. Unfortunately for the M2s they then have to continue even further into the depths of Devon to play Plymouth Marjons. Last year they made the trip with just two cars, but having won the moral victory of saving the world from climate change they weren’t able to win the actual hockey game.

The L1s played their first match of the National League last weekend. They gave a convincing performance against Oxford University and walked away 3 – 1. They play away this weekend – stopping when the M5 (the motorway, not an extra CHC team!) does to play Exe in Exeter.

L1s in a team huddle at the start of the match against Oxford Uni

The L3s had a cracking game last weekend. The come-back kids of the weekend. They were 2 nil down, but with a lots of hard work L3s came back to win 4-2. Goal scored by Holly and a hattrick from Tegs. This weekend they play Stroud, 12pm pb at Stratford Leisure Centre.