Covid Guidelines

This page is up to date as of 2020-08-14. Please check back to this page regularly before partaking in club activities, in order to remain up to date with requirements and keep us all safe.

For full details from England Hockey on their guidance on Return to Play are available here.

If you have any concerns; either with the information provided here, the clubs management of player welfare, or questions about your specific case, then please contact the club’s Covid Officer at:

The below is the minimum we expect our players to have read, understood, and comply with. We’d recommend reading the full EH guidance to see the steps we are taking to protect our members, and understand some of the changes you might be seeing to the structure of training sessions and games.

Before a Session

  • If wanting to partake in a training session, please mark as attending on Teamo so that we can manage numbers in attendance. Payment for preseason sessions should be paid in advanced – we will not be accepting cash.
  • Bring ALL your own equipment – sticks, gumshields, facemasks (if required), goalkeeping equipment (if appropriate) and ensure water bottles are full on arrival.
  • You will not have any access to changing facilities, and should avoid using the toilet facilities if possible. Please arrive ready to play!
  • If you’re a parent/guardian, we ask that only one non-participant per player attends, and that you maintain social distancing on the sidelines. You will still be required to fill out the EH Participation Agreement and the attendance register, even if you are not a member. There is a separate data agreement that will be available, and we will retain your data for 21 days after the session.

Access, Arrival and Departure

  • If you need to travel to get to training, you should do so on your own (or in your normal bubble/household group). Avoid using public transport unless necessary.
  • Arrive promptly on time, not too early. If you do arrive early, do not remain at the pitch side (go for a run around the block a few times, extra fitness will do you good)
  • Please keep an eye out for any information specific to the pitch you are going to. We will be in touch if there are any changes to the normal parking/access rules.
  • Before entering the astro you must fill in the attendence register on Teamo. A QR code will be available pitch side – this can be scanned in Teamo to go straight to the correct form. This will include a self-assessment for Covid symptoms. One of the exec will be around if you need help, don’t have Teamo, or have forgotten your phone. See the video below for how use our Track+Trace.
  • There will be spaces set out for leaving your kit. Don’t use the dugout.
  • Hygiene – in line with government advice wash hands before and after activity and regularly use hand sanitiser (we’ll make sure there’s some available during the session)
  • Wait for the pitch to clear completely from the previous session before entering. Don’t hang around the entrance waiting either, go for another run of the block. Please obey any one way systems or other guidance put in place by the facility.
  • Leave promptly at the end of the session.
  • Cheltenham College have now put up outdoor toilets. At Balcarras, please wear a mask when using the toilet indoors and obey the one way system.


  • Wash/sanitise your hands during breaks.
  • Maintain social distancing whilst not involved in drills or games, or during play stopages.
  • Do not touch the balls except with your stick. If the balls are being returned to the crate, there will be an allocated ball owner who will do this.
  • For free hits and short corners, these should be taken as quickly as possible. Have a plan for your routines, and signal these without the need for a huddle.
  • No spitting at all – this is going to become a cardable offence in games.
  • No handshakes, and no close contact during goal celebrations.
  • Avoid regularly removing your gum shield.
  • Drink from your own water bottle only.

Right Now

  • Participation Agreement – Anyone wanting to be involved in hockey must sign an EH Participation Agreement before they play (this only needs to be done once).
  • Click here to fill out the form.