This document outlines the expectations, rules and regulations that will be in place for the duration of the CJHC in order to ensure everyone enjoys it.

Please ensure that you read through the Code of Conduct carefully with your child. You are required to sign it at the end to confirm your acceptance.

  1. General Behaviour & Safety. members are expected to:
    • Follow the instructions of the coaches and assistants and treat them and fellow team members with courtesy and respect.
    • Listen to and carry through any instructions or requests made by leaders as these will be for your own benefit.
    • Always contact a coach/assistant if you have a concern, or in the event of an emergency. Never try to deal with anything on your own.
    • Not act in an anti-social manner (bullying, vandalism or stealing is not allowed).
    • Keep valuables safe
    • Must not put photographs of other children and adults on any website unlesspermission is sought.
  2. During Training and Matches. members are to:
    • Ensure you are wearing the correct kit for all matches including protective clothing e.g. wearing both gum shield, and shin pads when playing.
    • Apply sun cream when required.
    • Drink plenty of bottled water before, during and after games.
    • Have some high calorie snacks available.
    • Show respect to each other, your staff, opponents and their staff, as well asumpires and spectators during matches.
    • Tie back long hair and remove jewellery.
  3. Disciplinary Procedures. In the unlikely event that a child does not adhere to the points outlined above the following procedure will be used to deal with any misdemeanors.

a. Warning. For a minor infringement of the rules, a child will be given a verbal warning by a Lead Coach. A record will be made of the warning and signed by both parties.

b. Yellow Card. For a more serious offence or continued minor offences, the member may be given a Yellow Card. This will be a written warning outlining the reasons for the sanction.

c. Red Card. A Red Card will follow a Yellow Card for any further breach of the code of conduct. This will consist of the removal from all immediate activities .The child will remain with a coach/assistant until contact is made with the parents to inform them of the situation. The parents will be requested to collect the child from the club and will be removed from club as a member.