All CJHC branded kit can be purchased thru Academy Sport (click here). Players may wear unbranded shorts, skorts and socks. There are additional pieces of branded CJHC kit available for players to keep warm, but are completely optional.  Younger players can wear plain black tshirts, if they desire.

Players on competitive teams should also have unbranded white tops and unbranded black top to accommodate clash in colours.

The following kit is required for field players for training or matches:

  • shirt
  • short (boys) /skort (girls)
  • long socks
  • shin pads – purchase at local sports store
  • astroturf shoes – purchase at local sports store
  • mouth guard – purchase at local sports store
  • stick – purchase at local sports store

Just a reminder that, in accordance with England Hockey guidance, it is compulsory for all players to wear shin pads and gum shields to training and matches/festivals. Hockey is not a contact sport but the ball can fly around at speed and sticks are swung in all directions. Shins, teeth and gums need to be protected.

Shin pads and gum shields are available from all reputable sports shops. You may also purchase custom made and fitted gum shields from your dentist. England Hockey recommends that all gum shields should be shock absorbable and replaced each year.

 If a player arrives at training or a match/festival without shin pads and/or a gum shield, they will be unable to play.  



Boy and Girls

Boys Shorts


Or Plain Black Shorts



Plain Black Hockey Socks

Girls Skort


Or Plain Black Skort

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