Cheltenham Junior Hockey Club – Manager’s Role

The CJHC Exec Committee has put together some brief guidelines to help you understand the role of a manager for age group teams. Thank you for offering to undertake this role. We hope you will find it rewarding.


  1. Equipment. Collect equipment at the start of the season, from Angie Pearce:  manager’s yellow coat, first aid bag, Age specific (e.g. U10 Boys) Mazon bag containing bibs, 6 balls and a WeatherWriter for you to use as the manager.  Equipment needs to be signed for by the manager at the start of the season and then returned at the end of the season to Angie Pearce.  Angie can then replenish and sort bags for the following season.  Make sure that when the players practice with the balls at the tournaments that they know to put them back in the bag afterwards as other players/coaches like collecting extra balls!
  2. Match Fees. Collect match fees and place in the match fee envelope with details of the squad and event etc. Follow up any non-payment from players/parents. Hand the match fee envelope into the reception desk at Balcarras for the treasurer, on the Friday after the match/festival. If you run short of envelopes ask for more at the reception desk on Fridays.
  3. Accident Reporting. There will be accident report forms in the side pocket of the 1st Aid bag. Please make sure that you fill in a form should an accident occur. Parents then need to be informed and they sign the form when completed. All completed accident report forms must be placed in the red CJHC folder. This can be found inside the ‘grey bag’ on the reception desk at Balcarras on Fridays.

Team Selection

  1. Friendly tournaments/festivals held each month. Format is 7-aside to include a Goalkeeper, squads of 9/10 are best with equal pitch time for all. Try and select different players so that everyone in the age group gets a chance to play. Rotate players into different playing positions on the pitch.
  2. For EH Cup and other competitive tournaments confer with the coach of that age group to select an ‘A’ squad to play.

Availability & Team Notification

  1. When asking for availability, Clarion call is used. A message using Clarion call should be sent out on the Monday before the weekend of the match/festival. Try and give as much notice as possible, 7 days prior to the match if possible and then put the team list out to parents at least 3 days prior to the match/festival.
  2. Clarion call is linked to our CJHA database of players and a link will be set up for you via the Webmaster – Chris Boulton.


  1. What to include in the Clarion message:
  • Time to meet, allowing 30 minutes warm up time before the start of the match.
  • Venue, including the postcode.
  • Kit – Ideally CJHC shirt, black shorts/skort, hooped socks, shin pads and gum shield. If player does not have a CJHC shirt, a plain black t-shirt will be fine. Appropriate other clothing for the forecast.
  • If player does not have a gum shield they should not play unless their parent is there and gives you permission for their child to play.
  • Tell players to bring drinks and snacks. Estimated time of finish and a contact number for you on the day.
  • Match fee £2.00 for all junior games.

Umpires and payments

  1. We usually have to provide one umpire per team for the festivals.
  2. Young or qualified are paid £5 to encourage them to officiate in these 7-a-side festivals. The manager is to pay the young umpire/umpire from the match fees collected.
  3. For Cup/Medal competitions a level 1 umpire is required. A £10 payment is to be taken out of match fees to pay the umpire.
  4. Avon League umpires are paid to be paid £10 out of the match fees.

Useful Website/e-mail addresses