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About the Club

Cheltenham Hockey Club is a hockey club based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

We currently have 4 Senior Ladies teams and 4 Senior Men's teams at the club, that play on Saturdays, predominantly in South West England.

In the Ladies section, our 1st XI play National League level hockey and are in the Conference West Division. Our 2nd XI play two leagues below in Division 1 North, our 3rd XI play two leagues below in Severn 1 Division, and our 4th XI are a development squad.

In the Men's Section our 1st XI play in the West Men's Premier Division. The 2nd XI play a league below in Division 1 North. Our 3rd XI play two leagues below in Cotswold 1 Division, and our 4th XI play one league below in Cotswold 2 Division.

We also have an established U18 and U16 set up, with teams playing on Sundays. They offer a range of hockey opportunities, competing in West league matches, indoor competitions, and national finals too.

Club Fees

Cheltenham Hockey Club is always looking out for new members to join the club. Be that as a player, a coach or a volunteer, they are all vital, keeping the club running and allowing us to offer the variety of hockey to our members

We offer a variety of memberships to players, both new joiners and current members. We also offer the option to split payments over several months to spread the cost of playing.

Memberships costs cover training, insurance and league registration, with match fees on top. The types of membership we offer are

Associate Membership - £40

Available for 13 year olds transitioning from the Junior Club, entitling them to partake in the ladies club training, as well as access to our clubhouse facilities.

Also available for Cheltenham Wednesdays Players, entitling access to the use of our clubhouse and bar, and receive news and attend socials.

Academy Membership - £155

Available for 13-18 year olds, and entitles them to play for the senior and academy teams, as well as access to our clubhouse facilities.

Multi-Child Membership - £Various

Available for families with Multiple Children between 13-18 years old playing hockey, and entitles them to play for the senior and academy teams, as well as access to our clubhouse facilities.

Family Membership - £Various

Available for families with Children and Parents playing hockey, and entitles them to play for the senior and academy teams, as well as access to our clubhouse facilities.

Student Membership - £55

Available for Students in Tertiary Education and not in receipt of a salary, and entitles them to play for the senior teams, as well as access to our clubhouse and bar facilities.

Senior Membership - £180

Available to all over the age of 18, and entitles them to play for the senior teams, as well as access to our clubhouse and bar facilities.

Affiliate Membership - £0

Available to non-players including umpires and club supporters, and and entitles them to be covered by insurance and have access to our clubhouse and bar facilities.


If you have any questions about membership please contact the Membership Secretary, below.

Take the Next Step! Join CHC

To join the club please follow the link below.

Once your profile and registration form have been completed, then membership payment can be made by clicking on your profile picture and selecting the payments options.

If you are unsure about which session to attend, please get in touch:

Club Training Times

Club Training Times

From Sept 5th 2023 - March 29th 2024


Cheltenham College Sports Centre

6.30pm - 7.30 pm

Ladies Performance Training (by invitation)

6.30pm - 7.30 pm

Ladies 3s Team Training

7.30pm - 9.00 pm

Mens 1s and Mens 2s Team Training


Balcarras School Sports Centre

6.30pm - 7.30 pm

Ladies 4s Team Training

6.30pm - 7.30 pm

Ladies 1s Team Training

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Ladies 2s Team Training

7.30pm - 8.30 pm

Goalkeeper Training - Every other Thursday


Cheltenham College Sports Centre

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Mens 3s Team Training

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Under 16 Boys Academy Training


Cheltenham College Sports Centre

8.00pm - 9.00pm

Under 16 & U18 Girls Academy Training

Club Kit

Cheltenham's club colours are black and white.

Our home kit consists of a black shirt, black shorts/skort and black socks.

Our away kit consists white shirt, black shorts/skort and white socks.

From the 2022/23 season, our club kit is made by Y1.


There are two locations the club uses for training sessions and fixtures.

Balcarras School Sports Centre

East End Road

Charlton Kings


GL53 8QF

Cheltenham College Sports Centre

Thirlestaine Road


GL53 7AH

Safeguarding Contacts

Safeguarding for the whole club

Cheltenham Hockey Club (CHC) is committed to ensuring that all coaches, managers, volunteers, players and spectators adhere to strict codes of conduct both on and off the pitch.

The club has formally adopted the England Hockey Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey policy. This includes following DBS eligibility criteria for both coaches and officials, as well as safe hockey practice. Policies can be found at the bottom of this page.

Safeguarding for U18s

CHC encourages girls and boys to take part and enjoy hockey in the CHC Academy, which offers hockey for U16 and U18 year olds. Many of our Academy players become regular players in the senior squads, so we truly appreciate and value the young talent within our set up. We aim to nurture and develop these players in the hope that they thrive and enjoy the game.

Accidents / Incidents

It is a condition of CHC's affiliation to England Hockey that we record all accidents/incidents which occur during training and/or matches. The club is required to complete an incident form and in addition, notify England Hockey of any incidents which require subsequent professional medical attention such as a visit to GP/hospital etc. Please ensure that the CHC welfare officers are aware of any relevant incidents.

Parental Consent for Transportation, Photo / Video, and First Aid

It is club policy that parental consent is provided for participation, transportation, first aid, and photography and video. All parents and guardians are required to consent at the start of each season.

  • By saying Yes to the Transportation question you are giving consent for U18s to travel to venues for matches and training by transport provided by the club which may include travelling in the coach's, the manager's, or other players’ private cars.
  • By saying Yes to the Photography / Video question you are acknowledging that in some environments, particularly adult competition, it is impossible to control photography and video by external parties and that you are aware that there may be times that photographs and/or video footage may be taken during matches and training sessions by approved agents and/or officers of this club. Such images shall only be used for publicity/training purposes in accordance with the England Hockey Safeguarding Policy and you are giving consent for your Junior Player to feature in such photos/videos. You also are only granting approved agents the right to use the images resulting from such photo/video shoots. This includes any reproductions or adaptations of the images for all general purposes i.e. local newspapers, local magazines, other promotional articles (inc. flyers) and the club’s website. Videos and photos will be safely stored in the cloud, adhering to England Hockey security guidelines.
  • By saying Yes to the First Aid question you are giving consent for U18s to receive medical attention at the side of the pitch, when required.

Important Documents

  • Safe Guarding Policy
  • Safe Guarding Reporting Procedures
  • Safe Guarding Good Practice
  • Safe Guarding Recognising Poor Practice and Abuse
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Framework


For CHC safeguarding policies, please click here.

AGM Minutes


Our Club's History

Cheltenham Hockey Club (CHC) was founded in 1887. The earliest reference to CHC is in an article in the Cheltenham Examiner of October 1898. In 1904, a left winger, H S Slade became the first club player to win international honours appearing for England against Wales.

The club had a chequered history around that time and on at least two occasions it nearly folded. The second of these was during the First World War. Afterwards, it was set up by J A Lovell, who was to be a leading force in the club in the post war years. At one time he was both captain and secretary and retained the latter post for 15 years. During this period, the club ran 3 Men’s teams, two Ladies teams, and the now famous Wednesday XI.

The annual subscription was one guinea and match fees were 2s 6d for the Men’s 1st XI. At that time the club seems to have taken its social affairs very seriously; the highlight being the annual Dinner Dance when one year, it was reputed that the attendance totalled some 600 people.

During this period Cheltenham players won International Honours notably E S Hoare who won 30 England caps between 1926 and 1937.

By 1957 CHC was fielding 2 Men’s and 2 Ladies teams on a Saturday and a midweek Men’s Wednesday XI. There were no leagues; games were just played for enjoyment. Fixture meetings were held on a Monday at a coffee bar in the Prom. Teams were selected and the selection cards were sent by post as few people had phones. Also very few ladies had access to a car so ordinary buses were used to get to away games!

The post war years saw Cheltenham grow into one of the strongest clubs in Gloucestershire, helped in the 1950s by D J Carnill, a full back who won 45 England caps and captained Great Britain at the Rome Olympics in 1960.

League hockey came to the West of England in 1978 and Cheltenham were runners up in the first two years of the Premier Division (78/79 and 79/80). The winning of the Premier Division of the Sun Life West Hockey League in 1990/1991 gave the 1st XI automatic promotion into Division 2 of the National League.

In 2002, CHC took part in a successful Lottery bid alongside Balcarras School. This allowed the club to become one of only a few in the local area, county and south-west that boasts pitch-side changing rooms, bar and catering facilities.

Committee and Key Roles

Our club functions on the goodwill of a group of volunteers.

If you are interested in joining our enthusiastic committee, please contact Will Carter. Alternatively, have a discussion with other members of the executive to learn more about what their roles entail.

For the 2023-2024 season, we still have a number of positions vacant, including:

  • Men's Club Captain
  • Men's 1 Manager
  • Ladies 1s Coach
  • Fixture Secretary
  • Bar Manager
  • Umpire Secretary
  • Catering Manager
  • Goalkeeper Coach

Please get in touch if you would like to be considered for any of these roles.

We are grateful to the those who have served as Club President over the years.

Election to the position of Vice President is public recognition of an individual's contribution over many years to CHC, and reflects a commitment to the well-being and promotion of the club. These can range from a distinguished playing career to taking a long term role in the running of the club, or any contribution which has significantly benefited CHC. On election to VP, individuals are still encouraged to participate in club activities.

Nominations for the election to VP are received by the Executive Committee at any time and these are reviewed and discussed before being proposed to club members at the annual general meeting.

In exceptional cases, where VPs continue to make a significant ongoing commitment to the club, the CHC Executive Committee can propose that VPs be elected to the position of Life Vice President.

Club Presidents

  • -1991: Viv Deacon
  • 1991-1996: Andrew Cunningham
  • 1996-1999: Trevor Colbeck
  • 1999-2003: Peter Marsden
  • 2003-2006: Campbell Jamieson
  • 2006-2008: Sue Bayley
  • 2008-2009: Gareth Lewis
  • 2009-2012: Daisy Noble
  • 2012-2018: Roy Taylor
  • 2021-present: Will Carter

Vice Presidents

  • R Bailey
  • Charles Bailie-Hamilton
  • Sue Bayley
  • M Bishop
  • Chris Boulton
  • P Bubb
  • Mike Byrd
  • Denys Carnill
  • D Carpenter
  • Nick Carter
  • Zoe Cheale
  • T Colbeck
  • G Cross
  • Fred Croxton
  • Mrs J Cunningham
  • Emma Dewhurst
  • Katie Dewhurst
  • J Doran
  • R Duncan
  • D Edwards
  • Dave Fielding
  • V Francis
  • Matt Gardner
  • Mark Gaylor
  • M Gibson
  • M Girling
  • Mark Glenister
  • A Green
  • N Hale
  • Colin Harwood
  • Pete Hay
  • J Hepworth
  • Amy Heron
  • D Hooper
  • J Hooper
  • Campbell Jamieson
  • Mrs C Lee
  • Gareth Lewis
  • Pete Marsden
  • Simon Mason
  • Jon Moore
  • W Morris
  • John Nash
  • R Padfield
  • J Paltridge
  • Kat Prictor
  • S Pymont
  • Charli Roberts
  • Philly Roberts
  • Lee Robson
  • Phil Robson
  • Giles Rooke
  • J Rymer
  • Alex Salmon
  • Mrs K Seabright
  • D Sewell
  • PDR Smith
  • T Snow
  • V Stringer
  • Joanna Taylor
  • Anne Tranter
  • Caz Tromans
  • Mrs J Waterston
  • D Waterston
  • J Webb
  • Mrs J White
  • PC White
  • RJC White
  • Mike Woods

Life Vice Presidents

  • D R Bishop
  • Mrs G Brimble
  • A Croucher
  • S Cullimore
  • A Cunningham
  • V J D Deacon
  • Mrs K Keating
  • Mrs R Macildowie
  • Angie Pearce
  • K Seabright
  • R Taylor

We are thankful to our patrons, who financially support our club, enabling players from diverse backgrounds to thrive in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

  • Charles Baillie-Hamilton
  • Denys Carnill
  • Rachel Chicken
  • Rob Duffy
  • Dave Fielding
  • Colin Harwood
  • John Hepworth
  • Steve Hewer
  • Campbell Jamieson
  • David Sewell
  • V Stinger
  • Gwynn Williams
  • Mike Woods
  • Richard Wright

International Honours

Congratulations to all CHC hockey players who have represented their country.

  • Ollie Bolwell: Wales U18
  • Lorna Bowman: Wales U18
  • Lium Brignull: Wales U18
  • Jonny Bryan: England O35 Captain

  • Oliver Clayton: England U18
  • Bobby Cound: England U16

  • Emily Drysdale: Wales, Wales U21 Captain

  • Ollie Evans: Wales U18
  • Sian Evans: Wales U18

  • Flo Fletcher: GB U23, England U18, England U16

  • Ollie Harper: England U16
  • Alex Hay: England O35, O40 World Cup Winner
  • Aled Howell: Wales O40
  • Amy Hughes: Wales U21, Wales U18
  • James Hunt: England U16

  • Daniel Jackson: Captain England U18,U16
  • Campbell Jamieson: Captain Scotland U18, Scotland O40 and O50

  • Karen Keating: England O50

  • Ben Marsden: England and Great Britain, played in 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne
  • Simon Mason: England O50
  • Josh Mill: Wales U16, U18, U21

  • Angie Pearce: England O50
  • Harriet Pearce: England U16, U18, U21, GB U20
  • Will Pearce: England U16, U18, U21
  • Flora Peel: England, England U16
  • Natasha Price: England U18

  • George Ratcliffe: Wales Under 16
  • Georgia Rawlinson: England U16, U18
  • Ellis Robson: England U16

  • Giles Smith: Fiji
  • Jonathan Stott: England O50

  • Caitlin Thompson: England U16

National Club Titles

Congratulations to all CHC hockey players in the following squads that have become National Champions:

  • 2017 - U16 Boys National Champions
  • 2018 - U16 Boys National Indoor Champions

2023 Club Awards

A huge congratulations our award winners this season!

  • Team of the Year - L2s

  • Men's Top Goal Scorer - Dan Baker (19)
  • Ladies Top Goal Scorer - Amy Banks (12)

  • Special Club Man of the Year - Will Carter
  • Special Club Woman of the Year - Tegan Lodde

  • Club Spirit of the Year - Chris Laird
  • Club Spirit of the Year - Amalia Thomas

  • Umpire of the Year - Jerry Tranter
  • Coach of the Year - Tom Cole
  • Goalkeeper of the Year - Quinton Kernot

  • Young Player of the Year - Jonty Friend
  • Young Player of the Year - Maite Capper

2023 Team Awards

  • M1s Player's Player - Rob Dent
  • M1s Coach's Player - Luke Cole
  • M1s Most Improved Player - Chris Laird

  • L1s Player's Player - Alice Shea
  • L1s Coach's Player - Corinne Bury Brundson
  • L1s Most Improved Player - Ellie Shea

  • M2s Player's Player - Ben Stafford
  • M2s Captain's Player - Harry Latham
  • M2s Most Improved Player - Alex Markwick

  • L2s Player's Player - Ffion Kelly
  • L2s Coach's Player - Sasha McNeilly
  • L2s Top Goal Scorer - Sasha McNeilly

  • M3s Captain's Player - Russel Brookes
  • M3s Most Improved Player - Charlie Gorman
  • M3s Top Goal Scorer - Dan Baker

  • L3s Player's Player - Rachel Chicken
  • L3s Captain's Player - Holly Wright
  • L3s Most Improved Player - Evie Chicken

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England Hockey - Club Partner
Pentons Performance Therapy - Club Sponsor
Trefurn - Men's 1s Sponsor
Cheltenham College - Club Partner
England Hockey - Club Partner
Pentons Performance Therapy - Club Sponsor
Trefurn - Men's 1s Sponsor
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